Sarah Wilcoxon

Choreographer | Dance Instructor | Dance Conditioning Specialist






My first foray into choreography and directing was in childhood, pressing my sister into service as a performer. We have a library of home videos featuring her stunning, if not entirely voluntary, performances. I expanded from there to neighborhood kids, brokering a deal in which the company would rehearse all morning as long as I allowed afternoons off for kick-the-can games until the streetlights came on.

My second area of research - dance science and somatics - grew out of necessity. As a dancer who was constantly rewarded for ignoring chronic injuries, my time to pay the piper came in my early 20's when I "blew out" my back and had to relearn how to walk. This recovery process brought me to Pilates and rebuilding my own somatic connection. I deeply value this learning for my own personhood and creativity. I am committed to sharing this information with new generations of performers. 


Friends and colleagues will tell you that I have exacting standards, for myself most of all. They'll also say that I am a "what you see is what you get" kind of person. There's never a hidden agenda here. Click through this site to see work samples, and please reach out if you'd like to collaborate.

- Sarah Wilcoxon