Sarah Wilcoxon

Choreographer | Dance Instructor | Dance Conditioning Specialist





My first foray into directing and choreography was in childhood, pressing my sister into service as a performer. We have a library of home videos featuring her stunning, if not entirely voluntary, performances. I expanded from there to neighborhood kids, brokering a deal in which the company would rehearse all morning as long as I allowed afternoons off for kick-the-can games until the streetlights came on.

These days, I'm lucky to work with more willing performers in my job at Missouri State University and in gigs beyond. My guiding phrase on every project is "work before ego." My aim is to build and serve a team that keeps the needs of the show and the creative process top of mind, before any preconceived notions we might be carrying. I prefer projects and collaborations that challenge and change me; and one of my greatest joys is feeling the "good kind" of scared before the first meeting or rehearsal.


Friends and colleagues will tell you that I have exacting standards, for myself most of all. They'll also say that I am a "what you see is what you get" kind of person. There's never a hidden agenda here. If that sounds like someone you want to work with, let's cut a deal that includes some kick-the-can after rehearsal!